Early detection allows for timely intervention – Phenylketonuria (PKU)1

Daily intake of 7 grams of protein

At birth, Eli was diagnosed with Phenylketonuria (PKU), that is, he lacks an enzyme in his liver that does not properly break down the amino acid, phenylalanine, commonly found in proteins. He doesn’t eat meat nor dairy, bread or pasta so as to maintain the diet of 11 grams of protein a day. Having to count everything Eli consumes is no easy feat, taking into account the special Phe-free diet and monthly blood draws to make sure his Phe levels are in a safe range. Yet there is a silver lining to the whole situation, PKU is treatable and none of those bad things will happen as long Eli maintains the diet of 11 grams of protein a day.

Did you know?

In Asia, the odds that a child be born with PKU 1 in 14,5152

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