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The more you know about your baby, the better equipped you can be to address any potential health problems.

Screening your newborn will facilitate early treatment and prevent long term detrimental effects to your baby’s health.

Disclaimer & Test Limitation

bebegene® genetic screening are tested by Eone-Diagnomics Genome Centre (EDGC), a recognized clinical lab in South Korea for its technology and excellence by acquiring CAP & CLIA accreditation for other line of services including Microarray technology and Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing (DTC). EDGC has a quality management system in place to ensure maximum accuracy of screening results. The test is only highly accurate for chromosomal abnormalities of aneuploidies, deletion and duplication (>50kb). As with any screening tests, false positive or false negative results cannot be completely eliminated due to various reasons including but not limited to specimen quality and other variables. This is a genetic screening test related to the genetic predisposition developmental disorders. It cannot be considered as a diagnostic test. Hence, the risk of a disorder should never be precluded solely on the basis of screening. If pathogenic variants are detected, follow up testing is recommended to confirm the results. Signs or symptoms observed should be followed up immediately by a professional healthcare provider.